Carys is a self-taught artist who has always had a passion for art and anything creactive. Living all her life in a village in North Wales she has in recent years been inspired to pick up the brushes and paint the beautiful landscapes and images of nature that she has been surrounded with all her life. Working with Acylics and wooden boards she paints what she loves and hopes to share her passion for others to enjoy.

“I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it”

Michelle lives and works in Conwy and is originally from Liverpool. She loves to draw, and her parents always say that she was drawing on anything she could find, even as a toddler. She started to paint around 20 years ago describing her paintings as Bright and Semi Abstract.She takes inspiration from the fantastic landscapes of North Wales, which has been her home for over 33 years. Recently Michelle has been creating Art using just a bottle of ink and a stick.Whilst sitting in her friend’s garden in Glan Conwy Michelle found that the view was so beautiful it just needed to be painted. Without her paints or paper with her she had no way of doing it, but her friend gave her a roll of wallpaper lining and a bottle of ink and she picked up a stick from the ground and drew the view.She found the immediacy of it wonderful, and this was the start of her ink drawings which now takes up most of her work.

“I can truly capture what is in front of me and how it makes me feel”