The Bulkeley Gallery offers free admission to temporary exhibitions by local artists, providing visitors with a small insight into the abundance of artistic talent throughout North Wales. The changing programme offers a variety of exhibitions with original art work and photographic prints available for sale, and on occasion, an opportunity to meet the artist behind the artwork.

The Bulkeley Emporium complements each exhibition with a selection of giftware and handcrafted pieces created by local artisans showcased within display cabinets throughout the hotel’s public foyer. All items on display are available for sale from the hotel’s reception throughout
the day and evening.

Please see the individual exhibitions listed below for exhibition opening times.

Grace Kentish:
18th OCTOBER - 25th November 2021

I am very pleased to be exhibiting a collection of “lock-down paintings” at the Bulkeley Hotel. They represent beautiful North Wales, a place I have lived since 1990. I love those broody Welsh skies, the mountains, Welsh cottages but most of all I love the sea and all those gorgeous sunsets we get here in north and west Wales. I like to experiment with colour and reflections. I work mostly in oils because I like the way I can change a painting as it progresses. The weather in Wales is always unpredictable so oil paint is perfect for portraying the ever-changing landscape and I love the “happy accidents” that just somehow happen, which often make the painting better. Recently, I have been experimenting painting with a knife, which gives such a rich texture to a landscape painting. I love to photograph the landscape and was fortunate to have a library of images I could use when we were totally locked-down and only able to travel 5 miles! I hope you enjoy this collection of paintings and, if you are staying in Beaumaris, I wish you a very pleasant stay on Anglesey and especially if you are staying at the wonderful Bulkeley Hotel.

Grace Kentish, Colwyn Bay

Anne Snaith, H’Artworks

Art Workshops

All Year Round

Training in Art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University in the early 80s , Anne Snaith found her passion in helping others
to find their creative voice. Being involved in numerous Community ventures including working for Children in Action,
The National Welsh Library, Young carers, the bereaved , excluded teenagers, schools and libraries to name a few .The National Welsh library
project was filmed throughout conception and the art piece created called "identity " now hangs in a specially designated room on
permanent loan in Aberystwyth.

Having always drawn and painted professionally, usually for others within a community / teaching setting or in a commission context;, Anne recently rediscovered her own artistic voice during lockdown .A new joy in her desire to create and be creative just for herself led to this exhibition.

Influenced by the the beautiful Island of Angelsey ,the sea , landscape, nature , storytelling and illustration and by her faith .
Particularly enjoying the transparency of silk painting and watercolour and experimenting with texture, lots of different media are explored.