Art Studio

Anne Snaith, H’Artworks - Art Workshops

Training in Art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University in the early 80s , Anne Snaith found her passion in helping others to find their creative voice. Being involved in numerous Community ventures including working for Children in Action,
The National Welsh Library, Young carers, the bereaved , excluded teenagers, schools and libraries to name a few .The National Welsh library project was filmed throughout conception and the art piece created called “identity ” now hangs in a specially designated room on permanent loan in Aberystwyth.

Having always drawn and painted professionally, usually for others within a community / teaching setting or in a commission context;, Anne recently rediscovered her own artistic voice during lockdown .A new joy in her desire to create and be creative just for herself led to this exhibition.

Influenced by the the beautiful Island of Angelsey ,the sea , landscape, nature , storytelling and illustration and by her faith. Particularly enjoying the transparency of silk painting and watercolour and experimenting with texture, lots of different media are explored.